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What is Antelope Tools?

Antelope Tools Dashboard is a community-driven open-source tool built by a group of blockchain developers that believe transparency is fundamental to operate blockchain networks. We intend to provide a useful and straightforward app that will help visualize the Block Producers’ relevant information to promote transparency and reliability.

Why is it important?

On DPoS blockchain networks token holders must vote for Block Producers based on information they have , and on permissioned networks such as LACChain node operators are responsible for the network running smoothly. So, we believe that monitoring what’s happening on the network is essential to improve and measure node transparency. Antelope Tools Dashboard’s main objective is to help you visualize objective and reliable information about each node and its activity.

Where does the data come from?

Antelope Tools Dashboard provides clear and graphic visualization of relevant information of entities running nodes and blockchain infrastructure. We source data on-chain directly from the public blockchain tables and information provided by Block Producers in their bp.json files. For more information about Antelope Tools Dashboard, visit our GitHub repo or contact us on our Telegram group.